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TeKay Designs is a U.S.-based mail order and e-commerce clothing company specializing in both ready-made and custom-designed maternity clothing, bridal and formal wear, and African apparel. For more detailed information Visite this page

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Regina Reviews dynamo or disaster?

Case by Case Solutions to Your Public Relations Challenges  (January 2001)

Q. Dear Regina:

I am a hat designer who’d like to start an e-commerce business delivering hat designs to an urban market over the Internet. While starting with hats, some funky and others sophisticated, I’d like to later add a private label cosmetic line for black women, followed by other unique products [under one brand-umbrella which we can’t reveal at this time]. As recent as the November 2000 issue of Black Enterprise [Black DotCom Shake-Up] I’ve been reading that’s are going out of business left and right. What do you contribute this to; and what advice can you offer an e-commerce start-up on marketing, public relations, and web site development?

A. Most importantly, offer a tangible product that is not vague or nebulous in form; and intimately know your target market. Many of the urban-focused sites that have "gone under" have been heavy on cool, funky content [in most cases ‘generic content’ that’s been tweaked to appeal to an ethnic audience] ---- and low on anything that a buying audience could really sink it’s teeth into. 

Sites that have hit rock bottom have not understood the old "stick to something that works" adage. sells flowers. Nothing more. Nothing less. People visit because it’s easier to order flowers via the Internet than to visit a florist. works because they book travel, hotel and car reservations. sells books. There is nothing obscure, hazy, blurred or confusing about what success stories are selling. 

From where we sit, we have observed that most of the multi-ethnic and urban audience sites that haven’t worked lack a solid e-commerce component. Many are mere directories and a hodge-podge of information. Stick to hats, cosmetics and women’s items --- designed into a commercially appealing site that "sticks to the point". Affluent 35-54 year old women buy hats and cosmetics ---- the funky, cool, hip, happening 14-to 25 year olds borrow money from the 35-54 year olds to buy hats. Stick to the wage-earning sophisticate.

Take a look at TeKay Designs ( a new U.S. based mail order and Internet company specializing in ready made and custom designed maternity clothing, bridal/ formal wear, and African apparel. Maternity "R" Us is a division of TeKay Designs specializing in maternity clothing. 

Recently, we tried them out for size and the two dynamic sisters that own the company custom designed a head-turning full-length evening gown based on measurements that I provided over the telephone. The impressive e-commerce clothiers sent fabric swatches for me to select from by FED-EX, and took my exact measurements based on a sizing chart and measurement instructions that are provided on the site. 

The company is working on it’s Spring collection and an updated site. Most importantly, they are prompt, professional ---and anyone who surfs the site understands what they offer at first glance. While a limited selection of garments exist on the current site, the duo can custom design any sketches or patterns not pictured on the site, and have a staff that can handle bulk orders.

For longevity in the market place, sell something real. Advertise the product via a commercially appealing and user-friendly web site. Design a site that appeals to the target market that will buy your product . Offer reliability and dependable service.

You may not become a giant selling hats ---- but, nor will you land in the graveyard along side sites that didn’t quite know what they were selling, or to whom.

To learn more about our products and services, visit us online here